Contests related to Interactive Multimedia are close to limitless.  With there being so many contests that come, go and reoccur it is essential that you individual check specific links and dates and changing topics.


As each school year comes and goes, some links are relocated on company or organizations websites.  So, if a link is no longer active, try a Google search of the name below or looking deeper on the site the link takes you to.



ACTE PSA Contest

ARTBA Video Contest

Redfin Scholarship

NOYS Youth Correspondent App

Driving Test BPA Scholarship

How the Market Works (BPA)

All American High School Film Festival

White House Film Festival

Cool Tech Challenge

The Governors Art Show

National Young Arts

Coca-Cola Scholars Program

Tom Holden PSA script contest

Drive Smart Now


Career Safe Youth Video Contest

BPA Pin Design 2015-16

How the Market Works 2015-16

ACTE 2016 PSA Contest

C-Span Student Cam

All Ohio Excellence in Journalism Awards


Take Action PSA Contest

Believe in Ohio

NCWIT Women in IT

Hot Planets, Cool Athletes Grant Contest

Photography Physics Contest

Adobe Youth Voices


Ohio ACTE Cover Design Contest

Ohio ACTE Darrel Parks Scholarship

Ohio ACTE, What I like about my CTE Program Video Contest

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Industry Needs You - Video Contest

Project Yellow Light

Media Innovation Scholarship

Faces of Computing

Courageous Persuaders

OSBA Student Video Contest

Teen Truth

Travel Photographer of the Year


School Contests

That's Not Cool Ambassador

Doodle for Google

Kavli Science Video Contest

Ohio ACTE Design Contest

Engineering for You Video Contest

No Bull Challenge

Kora Coleman Excellence Awards

Don't Get Me Started Video Contest

ASB Storytelling Awards

International Student Media Association

Ithica College Park Scholars Program

My Mentor was Me

Child Hunger PSA Contest

Doritos Crash the Superbowl Commercial

Oh-Penn Manufacturers to Hold Student Video Contest

White house Film Festival

Newseum Free Spirt and Journalism Conference

Tom Holden Memorial Scholarship PSA Contest

Drive to Life PSA Contest

Courageous Persuaders

Youth Silent Film Festival

Princeton Summer Journalism Program

NEO Tech Conference Video Contest

CareerSafe Youth Safety Video Contest

The National Academy of Television Arts and Science Scholarship

Toyota Teen Driver Video Contest

Ohio Founding Fathers Contest


OSBA Student Video Contest

Project Innovation