Adobe After Effects

After Effects Essentials

Getting Started

Understanding Animation

Add and Understand Keyframes

How to Track a Mask

Refresher Course

How to Stabilize Shaky Video

3DText with Cinema 4D

Simple 3D Text

3D Fly Through Text and 3D Camera Track

Fix Faulty Green Screen Footage


Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D Together

Quick Start Tutorial

Create REAL 3D Titles

Letter by Letter 3D Text Animation

Animate REAL 3D Titles

Create a 3D Extruded Logo


Adobe Animate

New Vector Brush and Onion Skinning


Adobe Audition

Free Download-able Resources


Adobe Behance



Adobe Character Animator

All Provided Character Animator Tutorials

Animate your Character

Bring 2D Characters to Life

Character Animator Full Tutorial


Adobe Edge Animate

Learn Edge


Adobe Audition

Easy Audio fixes for Premiere using Audition

Sound Effects and Loops (Royalty Free)

How to Make Your Voice Sound Better


Adobe Flash

Make a simple character animation

Flash in industry


Adobe Illustrator

Getting Started - Create a T-Shirt

Create a Monogram

Construct Your own Icon

Setup a Beautiful Title

Design a Logo

Create Illustrations using Simple Shapes

Make Pop Art

How to Work with Brushes


Adobe InDesign

InDesign Essentials

Getting Started - Create a Flyer

Create a Unique Resume

Make a Brochure

Create an Interactive PDF

Creating and E Publshing Document


Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom Essentials

Correct a photo's perspective

Sharpen Blurry Photos


Adobe Muse

Muse Essentials

Novice to Expert

Create a Responsive Layout

Video Background

Fluid Layout

Make a Mobile Friendly Website


Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Essentials

Selections with Masking

Intro to Retouching Images

PS Animation Starter

Fast & Dirty Animation in Photoshop

Abstract PS Animation

Make a Cinemagraph

Make and Print a 3D object

Character Background


Adobe Premiere

Correct GoPro Footage

Clean up your audio with Audition

Better sound in Premiere with Audition

How to Make Adobe Premiere Pro Video Audio Sound Better

How to Make Your Voice Sound Better

Basic After Effects inside Premiere

Color Correct with SpeedGrade

Enhance Your Video with Photoshop

Multi-Camera and Sync by Waveform

Multi-Camera Editing Workflow




Autodesk Steam

Work Shop Training (for class)

Autodesk (Area)

Learning Channel (YouTube)

Getting Started Guide (PDF Document)




Cinema 4D

MoGraph Candy

CG Terminal

Hello Lux

C4D Cafe

Cactus 3D

Grey Scale Gorilla

Mountain Scene


College Credits from TCTC

Ohio Higher Ed - How to Access Credit

Understanding CTAG'S



Why I Create

We are the Creative Class

Top Ten Ted Talks about Storytelling



Unhooking from Criticism


DJI Phantom 3 Drone

Pre-Flight Checklist

How to Fly


Equipment Used in Class

Canon XA10 Video Camera

JVC GY-HM600U Pro Video Camera

Canon 70D Button Overview

Canon 70D Full Review

Canon 70D White Balancing


Garage Band

Apple Training/ Help


Graphic Design General




Photography Course




iPad Palooza Links

Useful Apps



Lighting from Lowell Lights

Lighting for Wide Shots

Lighting 101 for film

Kelvin Light Temp Chart

Lighting for Outdoors

Lighting for Night Scenes


Media Related Colleges

Youngstown State University - Telecommunications

Kent State University - School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Cuyahoga Community College - Digital Video and Digital Filmaking

Akron University - School of Communications

Ohio University - School of Media Studies

The Ohio State University - School of Communication

Arizona State University - Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication - Online

Robert Morris University - Media Arts

Northern Kentucky University - Informatics

Pittsburgh Technical College

Ball State University - Animation

Ball State University - Film & Media Studies/ Telecommunications

Douglass Education Center


Mobile Based

Picture to Painting


Motion Graphics

My Simple Slideshow




Musical Theory

Royalty Free


Online Presence

Improving Online presence


PBS Reporting Labs

PBS Reporting Lab Link



Interactive Exposure

Photography Mapped

PSU Digital Photography

Online Course Review: Photography

The Lab: Decoy

Canon 101: How to Shooting Modes

Canon 101: How to ISO

Canon 101: How to Metering

Canon 101: How to Shutter

Canon 101: How to Aperture

Canon 101: How to Components of Exposure

Canon 101: How to Flash

Canon 101: How to Auto Focus

Canon 101: How to File Types

Canon EOS - Getting Started, ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture

Canon EOS - Getting Started, Depth of Field Photography

Composition-A Digital Photography Tutorial

Autofocus Techniques

Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, & Light Explained-Understanding Exposure & Camera Settings

Still Life Photography

Light Painting Tutorial

White Background Photography Tutorial: How to Take High-Key Pictures

How to Photograph Kids, Babies, Children: A Portrait Tutorial

5 Minute Portrait Lighting Tutorial: How to Use the Main, Fill, Hair, Background, and Kicker Lights

How to Edit Portraits in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

How to Pose a Model for Headshots: A Five-Minute Portrait Tutorial

Group Photos Tutorial



How to Write the About Me Section of Your Website

10 Steps to a Perfect Portfolio Site

Things to avoid on your site

50 Great Site Examples



Insta Grok


Script Writing



School News Online

Designing Modules

Story Page Strand


Story Starters

Film School Story Starters

The Technology of Storytelling







Storyboards, Shot Sheets, Logs

Common Lighting Setups

Preparing for Interviews



Directing for Interviews

Shot Composition

Capturing B-Roll

Fast Motion Background

Creating a Ghost

The Psychology of Framing - Cinematic

The Psychology of Camera Movement - Cinematic



Opening Titles & Bugs

How to cut video for Action

Color Correction in Video - Part 1

Color Correction in Video - Part 2


Video Genres



Video Production Related

JEA Digital Media

Videomaker Magazine

WALLDO Example


Videomaker Magazine

Breaking Down the 180 Degree Rule

Storyboards, Shot Sheets, Logs and Slates

Shot Composition

Capturing Broll

Outdoor Lighting for Video

Three Point Lighting for Video

Simple Special Effects

Stop Motion Painting

Hand Held Techniques

Lighting For Night Video Shoots

Exposure, Aperture, and Shutter

How to Control Depth of Field

Studio Lighting

The Western Genre

The Horror Genre

The Action Genre

The Drama Genre

The Documentary Genre

The Science Fiction Genre


13 Keys to Successful Event Videos

Cinematic is In - Editing Wedding Videos

How to Record Live Events

Location Audio Microphone Progression

Operate a Boom Mic Like a Pro

Recording Sporting Events

The Four Attributes of Light

Video Formats Explained



How to on YouTube